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security guards
охоронці; Two ____ _____ were kidnapped.
банда; ____ of armed robbers attacked depot.
to attempt
намагатися; A gang og armed robbers _____ to attack the bank.
armed robbers
озброєні грабіжники; A gang of _____ ______ attacked an elderly lady.
at gunpoint
під дулом пістолета; The robbers held the guard __ _____.
to force
змушувати; The bank workers were _____ to hand over the keys.
to raid
здійснювати наліт; They attempted to _____ the security depot.
to proceed to
приступити до; They ______ __ fill in a lorry with money.
getaway vehicle
транспортний засіб для втечі; They jumped into a _____ _____.
to raise the alarm
підняти тривогу; The manager _____ ___ _____.
to arrest
заарештувати; The cops _____ the gang.
to escape
втікати; The robbers couldn't _____.
eye witnesses
очевидці; ___ _____ said that they had seen nothing.