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Reading and Listening Extra - Unit 2

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в цілому; ______, this is a great film.
веселий; There are lots of _____ and moving moments throughout of film.
лиходії; The ______ are in control of the galaxy.
a real treat
справжнє задоволення; Finally, after years of waiting, fans are in for _ ____ _____ when they watch this film.
сварлива; The award-winning actress Maggie Smith playes a _____ old lady, who hates everyone.
to shed a tear
проливати сльози; This film will make you laugh and also ____ _ _____.
to fancy
уподобати; Did you _____ going out for a pizza tonight?
масовка; The film had a crowd scene and needed about 400 _____.
to charge up
заряджати; I _____ __ my laptop before I came out so you can use that.
сюжет; It was a great film, although the _____ was very complicated.