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You're Going Where? (3.1.)

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to change one's mind
змінити думку; My friend Simon is always _____ his ____.
to cope with
справлятись з; This is sad, but I can ____ ____ it.
пронирливий; I don't want to be ____.
паніка; I want to stop my ____.
last-minute arrangement
домовленість в останню хвилину; Children always enjoy their ____ - _____ ______.
if you can't beat them, join them
не можеш подолати - приєднуйся
to gossip
пліткувати; Have you heard the latest ____?
to compliment somebody on
зробити комусь комплімент щодо чогось; I _____ her __ her new haircut.
to moan
нити; Stop _____ and do something!
to boast
хвалитись; I hate when other people ____.
to argue
сперечатись; No time to _____, we have to save her.
to warn
попереджати; He _____ us that there will be no wi-fi in an hour.
to chat
теревенити; We met and _____ a little.
to apologise
вибачатись; I _____ for being rude.