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to get hold of somebody
сконтактуватись з кимось; She tried to ___ ____ __ you but your mobile was dead.
to have a chat with
мати розмову з; I'm going to ____ _ ____ ____ Tom about his behavior.
to get in touch
зв"язатись; The film director ___ __ _____ with his through his agent.
to get what you mean
зрозуміти, що ти маєш на увазі; I don't ___ ____ you ___
to go on and on
говорити і говорити...; She __ __ and __ about her problems.
to say sorry for
вибачитись за; We ____ _____ ___ the mass.
to have arguments about
сваритись через; They sometimes ____ ______ _____ money