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to be in two minds
вагатись; I am __ ___ _____. I don't know if I want the black one or the red one.
to let your hair down
розслабитись; You've been working non-stop. Whe don't you go and ___ _____ _____ _____?
to break the ice
розряджати атмосферу; Everyone was nervous, so Jackie told a few jokes to ____ ___ ___.
to travel light
подорожувати з маленьким багажем; He always _____ ____. He takes only one small suitcase.
to learn by heart
вивчити напам"ять; Tomorrow there's a tst on this poem. I have to ____ it __ _____.
to go window shopping
п"ялитись у вітрини; I know that you've got no money, but we can, at least, ______ _____.