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wrong number
неправильний номер; It was a _____ _____.
wrong address
неправильний адрес; I'd got the _____ _____.
to get the date wrong
неправильно записали дату; We thought that her birthday was 16th JUly, but we ___ ___ _____ _____.
we thought
ми думали; __ _____ the concert started at 6.
it was a different person
це була інша людина; I thought it was my ex-classmate, but __ ___ _ _____ ______.
with the same name
З тим ж ім'ям; There are two streets ____ ____ _____ ____.
she didn't recognise
вона не не впізнала; I called her, but ___ ___'_ _____ my voice.
I didn't realise
я не думав; _ ____'_ _____ her birthday was today.