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робота; Sam's got a ___ as a waiter.
робота/завдання; What kind of _____ does he do?
to remember
згадувати; He suddenly ______ he had to go to the bank.
to remind
нагадувати; _____ me to call him later today.
to forget
забути; I have _____ my keys.
to leave
залишити; I have ____ my keys IN THE CAR.
to listen
слухати; I am sorry, could you repeat the question? I wasn't _____.
to hear
чути; Did you ____ that noise?
веселощі; Let's go to the beach and have some ___.
веселий; Bob's jokes are really _____.
to earn
заробляти; She ____ about $50,000 a year.
to win
вигравати; Brian ___ first prize.
насправді: I expected the first week in my job to be awful, but ______ it was fine.
на даний момент; I am ______ working in London.
кар'єра; Ted spent most of his ______ as a teacher.
курс; She's doing a Spanish _____ at the moment.
to borrow
позичати у когось; I had to ______ some money from a friend.
to lend
позичити комусь; Do you think you could ____ me a pen?
сварка; I had an _____ with my mother. She's always telling me what to do!
дискусія; We had an interesting _____ about the Prime Minister.
to miss
пропустити; Hurry up, or we'll ____ the bus!
to lose
загубити; Why do I always ____ my car keys?