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електрика; They cut off the _____.
nuclear power
ядерна енергія; Do you consider _____ _____ to be merit or threat?
антибіотики; Those ______ are too strong for you.
вакцина; All the children attending school should have _____.
computer network
комп'ютерна мережа; Several computers connected to each other make a _____ _____.
мотоцикл; I'm dreaming of having a _____.
genetic engineering
генетична інженерія; ______ ______ has advanced over the last decade.
washing machine
пральна машина; I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a _____ _____.
vacuum cleaner
порохотяг :) Who didn't turn off the ____ _____?
space travel
космічна подорож; Two hundred years ago _____ _____ was a myth.
commercial aeroplanes
комерційні літаки; _____ _____ is committed to being the leader in commercial aviation.
solar power
сонячна енергія; Will _____ _____ take over the electricity?
communications satellites
супутники зв"язку; _____ _____ work like relay station.