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to plug it in
підключити; Please, ____ the vacuum cleaner __.
to press the button
натиснути кнопку; If you want a cookie, please, _____ ___ _____.
to have an injection
зробити укол; All the students are going to _____ _ ______ after the classes.
to have an operation
зробити операцію; My granddad ___ __ ______ two years ago.
to run out of petrol
закінчилось пальне; We are stuck! We have ___ ____ __ _____.
to break down
зламатись; What am I going to do? My phone has _____ ____.
to get a connection
мати зв"язок; My phone can ___ no ______.
to restart a computer
перезавантажити комп; To fix a problem, you should _____ _ ______.
to do an experiment
провести експеримент; Scientists usually __ _____.
to switch it on
ввімкнути; It's too dark in here, can you _____ __ another lamp?
to switch it off
вимкнути; You forgot to _____ ___ the light in the room.