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to question
ставити під сумнів; When I hear about all these social problems, I have to ______ the education system.
to wonder
цікавитись; дивуватись; I ______ who did that.
to discuss
обговорювати; Let's _____ it before rushing into decision.
to debate
дискутувати; The politicians have _____ since the beginning of time.
to respond
реагувати; I touched him, but he didn't _____.
to reply
відповідати; Didn't you get my e-mail? You didn't _____.
to research
досліджувати; I've nearly _______ nuclear particles topic.
to investigate
розслідувати; The polive have been ______ this matter for a year so far.
to inquire
розвідувати; I have to _____ something.
to look into
дізнаватись; розпитувати; You want a job here? No problem. My cousin is the boss. I'll _____ _____ it for you.
відповідь; I sent a message a month ago. Still no _____.
обговорення; There is no need for a _____. I've decided everything already.
розслідування; The ______ is not over.
запит; Wait a second, I'll make an ____ and call you back.