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It's Out Of Order (5.3.)

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broken down
зламаний; I cannot reach you, maybe your phone is _____ ____.
it needs recharging
треба зарядити; My e-book doesn't turn on. __ _____ _____.
out of order
не працює; The mircowave is ___ __ _____. Let's order some food.
it needs fixing
треба полагодити; I cannot turn over. The remote control _____ _____.
no reception
немає зв"язку; Try yourself. It says there is __ _____.
try switching it off and on
спробуй вимкнути його і ввімкнути; The picture on my screen is frozen. - Not a problem, ___ _____ __ ___ ___ __.
it keeps making this strange noise
воно продовжує незрозуміло гудіти
зламаний; Plugin _____.
застигло; Stop talking, the image is _____.
to sort it out
залагодити; Bear with me, and I will ____ __ ___ for you.
a memory stick
карта пам"яті; You can save this information onto _ _____ ____.
to print
видруковувати; Can I _____ it here? My printer has broken down.