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to recognize
розпізнати; We can _____ emotions in other people.
facial expression
вираз обличчя; We show emotions in our _____ _____.
страх; _____ is probably the most basic emotion.
злість; Our ancestors used _____ to try and deal with a problem.
to deal with a problem
вирішувати проблему; Our ancestors used anger to try and ____ ____ _ _____.
to prompt
стимулювати; Loss or tradegy _____ a feeling of sadness.
a lump in the throat
комок у горлі; This often results in tears, _ ____ __ ___ ____ and a feeling of heaviness in the chest.
a feeling of heaviness in the chest
відчуття важкості у грудях; This often results in tears, a lump in the throat and _ _____ __ _____ __ ___ ____.
нещастя; ______ is caused by loss.
to induce
спонукати; The simplest things can _____ joy.
здивування; Life is unpredictavble, so ______ is a useful emotion.
огида; We will naturally feel _____ as a reaction to something we don't like.