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to go on a diet
сісти на дієту; I ____ on a ____ a week ago.
to go grey
посивіти; My granddad ____ ____ long ago.
to go home
піти додому; This party sucks, I ___ _____.
to go for a walk
піти на прогулянку; Let's ___ for __ ____!
to go off
розлюбити; It was love from the first sight, then I ___ ____ him.
to take a taxi
взяти таксі; If you don't ____ _ ____, you'll be late.
to take part in
взяти участь; I'm going to ____ ____ __ this competition.
to take after (phrasal)
успадкувати; She ____ ____ her mother.
to take responsibility for
взяти відповідальність; I don't want to ____ _______ ___ your mistakes.
to get married
одружитись; The ___ _____ when they were 19.
to get a job
отримати роботу; Congratulations! You ___ a ____ !
to get here
добратись сюди; It was almost impossible to ___ ____ on time.
to get on with
ладнати з; I still can't ___ __ ___ my stepsister.
to do exercise
робити вправи; I'm totally exhausted, I've been ____ _____ all morning.
to do housework
виконувати роботу по дому; My mom won't let me out until I __ ______.
to do research
проводити дослідження; The scientists are ___ _____ in the nuclear particles.
to do someone a favor
зробити комусь послугу; I'm not ____ him any f***ing ______.