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Feeling Stressed? (6.1.) - multi-word verbs

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to click on
натиснути на; You have to scroll up and then ____ __ the arrow icon.
to try on
приміряти; I decided to ___ __ this purple suit.
to get on
ладнати; We ___ __ really well.
to take off
знімати (одяг); The receptionist told me to ____ ___ my tie.
to go off
розлюбити; In some time, I ____ ___ him.
to log off
вийти з системи; And don't forget to ___ ___ before you shut down.
to chat somebody up
підчепити когось; He _____ me __ in a bar.
to dress up
вишукано одягатися; вибиратись; I love ______ ___.
to scroll up
прокрутити вгору; You have to ______ __ and then click on the arrow icon.
to settle down
осісти; We were planning to ______ _____.
to dress down
одягатись у звичайний одяг; Here, everyone is ______ _____ at the company.
to shut down
припинити роботу; вимкнути; Don't forget to log off before you ____ _____.