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Feeling Stressed? (6.1.) - multi-word verbs - p 15

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to cut off
переривати, відрізати; I called him on the phone but we got ___ ___.
to call off
скасувати; They had to ___ ___ the football match because of the weather.
to put something off
відкласти; I have to do this work. I can't ___ it ___ any longer.
to check out
перевірити, зацінити; I'd like to ____ ___ some other options.
to stand out
виділятися; He's wearing a pink jacket so he'll _____ ___ from the crowd.
to work out
знайти рішення, опрацювати; I can't ____ ___ what to do about the problem.
to look after
піклуватися; My neighbour is _____ ______ my cats when we go away.
to take after
бути схожим; He ____ ______ his father. They are both very good-looking.
to fill in
заповнити; Can you print out and then ___ __ the form and send it back to me?
to let in
впустити; Saskia, please ___ me __!