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to pass an exam
скласти іспит; This teacher is a monster, you'll never ___ __ ____.
to have an accident
потрапити в аварію; Don't speed, otherwise you'll ____ __ _____.
be offered a job
отримати пропозицію роботи; I am so happy, yesterday I ___ _____ _ ___.
to get a place at university
отримати місце в університеті; If you stufy hard in high school, you ___ a _____ at ______.
to get engaged
заручитись; Have you heard that Ann and Kevin ___ _____.
to get married
одружитись; We're celebrating our anniversary today. We ___ _____ 5 years ago.
to lose job
втратити роботу; I have some money saved, in case I ____ my ___.
to lose money
втратити гроші; She invested in this start up and, ultimately, ____ all her _____.
to fail a test
провалити тест; If you ____ _ ____, you won't have a chance to take it again.
to split up with
розійтись з; Tom is sad because he has recently ____ __ ____ Angela.
to win a competition
виграти конкурс; Congratulations! You've ___ _ _____!
to win a match
виграти матч; Arsenal ___ a very important football _____ in 1995.
to get promoted
отримати підвищення; He worked hard and ___ _____.
to get a degree
отримати ступінь; Maria ___ her PhD _____ 5 years ago.
to buy a house
купити будинок; I hate living in this flat. Actually, I am thinking of _____ _ ____.
to give a reason
давати підстави; ____ me _ _____ not to do it, otherwise I will.
tone of voice
тон голосу; Your ____ __ _____ is very loud. Keep it down please.
to prepare a listener
підготувати слухача; Before delivering bad news, you have to _____ _ _____.
to make people upset
засмутити людей; Watch your mouth, you ____ _____ ____.