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to dress smartly
одягатись гарно; There is no need to _____ _____, wear casual.
to speak clearly
говорити чітко; Could you please ____ _____?
to answer briefly
відповідати коротко; He ____ _____, that is why I do not have full info.
to shake hands firmly
міцно потиснути руки; If you ____ _____ _____, it shows your self-confidence.
to arrive on time
прибути вчасно; Please, ____ on ____, we won't wait.
to avoid eye contact
уникати зорового контакту; Why is he ____ ___ _____ with me?
to do some research
знайти інформацію; Before applying for a job, it;s recommended to __ some _____.
to show enthusiasm
показувати ентузіазм; I don't know whether he is interested, he didn't ____ ______.
to be prepared
бути готовим; Please, __ ______ for the test.
of course
звісно; __ ____ I will call you.
that's right
вірно; Will you pick me up at 4 p.m. - ____ _____.
I see
я розумію; I ___ your point.
no problem
будь ласка; - Thank you. - __ ______.
go ahead
продовжуй; Sorry for interrupting, please, __ _____.