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Fact or Fiction (2.1.) - additional vocab

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субтитри; I don't like watching films if the language has been dubbed. I prefer to read __________.
дубльований; I don't like watching films if the language has been _____.
продовження; A _____ continues the story of a previous film.
трилогія; Three films make a _____.
special effects
спецефекти; ______ _____ make films more exciting.
дорогий фільм; This film is sure to be a summer _____.
animated movie
мультфільм; Shrek is an ______ _____.
сюжет; The _____ was boring and predictable.
box office hit
касовий хіт; The Star Wars films were huge ___ _____ hits.
to star
мати головну роль; Tom Cruise _____ in a lot of action films.
to film
знімати; Most of the Star Wars films were ______ in a studio.
to direct
ставити фільм; The film is ______ by Steven Spielberg.
to feature
зображати; Shrek ______ a green ogre.
to be set
мати сеттінг; The film is ___ in outer space.