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Fact or Fiction (2.1.) - Fixed expressions

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by mistake
помилково; I took your keys __ _____.
on my own
самостійно; Ann has done this task __ her ____.
on business
по-справах; Tom is going to Prague __ _____.
by chance
випадково; I met my ex-boyfriend __ ____.
by hand
зроблено руками; Her jacket was made __ ____.
in the end
вкінцевому результаті; __ ___ ____, it doesn't even matter.
on purpose
спеціально; My brother punched me __ _____.
on time
вчасно; Please, be there __ ____.
in a moment
вмить; I'll get back to you __ _ _____.
in a hurry
поспішаючи; Never read __ _ ____, you are not able to concentrate in this case.