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don't do it!
noli id facere!
it is easy for us
facile est nobis
it is difficult for me
difficile est mihi
the girl said
puella dixit
he said to the girl
puellae dixit
the girls said
puellae dixerunt
they said to the girls
puellis dixerunt
we saw the boy laughing
puerum ridentem vidimus
they left the house shouting
e villa discesserunt, clamantes
her mother replied to her, his mother replied to him
mater ei respondit
how stupid you are!
quam stultus es!
that which, the thing which, what
id quod
what have you done?
quid fecisti?
this man is bigger than that man
hic homo est maior quam ille homo
through the streets of the city
per vias urbis
the boy whom I loved was very handsome
puer, quem amavi, pulcherrimus erat
do you want to go to the shop?
vis ad tabernam ire?