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Telling time in Aramaic

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w-felke w-ḥammeš
It's twenty-five to
It's quarter past
It's half past
It's twenty past
šaʕṯa ˀeḥḏa
It's one o'clock
baṣṣīra robʕa
It's quarter to
baṣṣīra ḥammeš
It's five to
mō šaʕṯa ?
What time is it? (2)
šaʕṯa ˀeḥḏa w-ḥammeš
It's five past one
w-felke baṣṣīra ḥammeš
It's twenty-five past
šaʕṯa ṯarič baṣṣīra ṯelča
It's twenty to two
baṣṣīra ˀeʕṣar
It's ten to
It's ten past
ˀexma šaʕṯa ?
What time is it? (1)