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to be particular about
бути орієнтованим на; I am very _____ about order in the room.
out until the early hours
гуляти допізна; He is usually out _____ the ____ ____.
to keep oneself to oneself
бути всобі; I tend to keep _____ to ____.
a people person
комунікабельний; I'm a _____ _____ and love inviting friends round.
a geek
задрот; I'm not a computer ____.
to get into
захоплюватись; I can really ____ ____ talking about politics.
a good laugh
веселун; People say I'm a _____ ____ but I can be pretty serious too.
практичний; My friends say I am really sensible and practical, really _____-__-____.
жадіна; I am often short of cash, but i"m not _____-_____.
to pull one's weight
виконувати свої обов'язки; Claudia hates people who don't _____ their _____.
обачний; _____ people avoid problems or danger.
дивак: Karl is _____: he acts weirs, wears strange clothes, but he is a good guy.
гнучкий; Noriko is a _____ guy: he adapts quickly and doesn't mind changes.
щирий; I really like your fiance - he seems _____.
злюка; My last teacher was really ____. She often laughed at students when they made mistakes.
непостійний у настрої; Most teenagers are ____.
наївний; Joe is so ____. Be believes in ghosts.
співчутливий; My friend is always _________. She seems to understand and wants to help.
надійний; Marta is ______: when you tell her a secret, be sure the info will never leak.
дотепний; Lucia makes me laugh a lot; she is ____.