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Find Your Niche (3.2.)

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flopout holiday
канікули-розслабон; Niche travel is for those with particular interests who are tired of _____ beach _____.
niche holiday
канікули за інтересом; _____ _____ is for those with particular interests who are tired of flopout beach holidays.
densely populated
густонаселений; Australia is the least _____ ______ continent.
in close proximity
в безпосередній близькості; These people live __ _____ _____ to Los Angeles airport.
a summit
вершина; We spent 15 minutes at the _____ of Everest.
half-way between
на півдорозі між; Cape Town is about ____ - ___ _____ Santiago and Perth.
heavily forested
покритий густими лісами; The Caribbean island of Haiti once was _____ _____.
віддалений; The most _____ and unspoilt place in the UK is Foula.
незіпсований; The most remote and _____ place in the UK is Foula.
on the edge
на краю; Lake Baikal is located __ ____ _____ of Siberia.
схил; You shall not pass, there is a sprawling _____.
пустир; Now, it's almost completely _____.
півострів; Part of Hong Kong is an island, and part is on a ____.
as the crow flies
по прямій лінії; The way to Australia is shorter, __ ___ _____ ____.