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How Does It Work? (3.3.)

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to deal out
роздавати; ____ the cards ___, five to each person.
to stir
перемішувати; ____ the soup so that it doesn't stick to the bottom.
to double click
дабл клікнути мишкою; To open a folder, ____ - ____ on the mouse.
to jam
заїдати; When the printer ___, take off the cover ands pull the paper out.
to pass
передавати; ____ the ball to another player in your team.
to unplug
відключити; _____ the lightning if you are not using it.
to sieve
просівати; _____ the floor so that there are no lumps in it.
to roll
котити; ____ the dice, and if you get a one, your turn's over.
to sprinkle
посипати; _____ it generously al over the cake.
to press
натиснути; ____ a shutter halfway to focus the camera.