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Collective nouns (page 150)

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a bunch
гроно, в'язка; _ ____ of bananas, flowers, grapes, keys, idiots, amateurs
a gang
банда; _ ____ of theives, robbers, youth
a series
ряд, серія; _ _____ of events, lectures, accidents, mistakes, disasters
a flock
зграя; _ ____ of sheep, birds, geese
a batch
партія; _ ____ of cakes, bread, exam papers, test results
a swarm
рій; _ ____ of bees, locusts, protestors, journalists
a crowd
натовп; _ ____ of football supporters, fans, spectators, commuters
a herd
стадо; _ ____ of cows, deer, dairy cattle, protestors
a pack
зграя; _ ____ of dogs, wolves, lies, football hooligans
a set
набір; _ ___ of instructions, beliefs, ideas, keys, books, friends