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Verbs Used In Stories (page 151)

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to stagger
хитатися; After 5 bottles of beer, he was _____ along the street.
to wade
переходити вбрід; He ____ through a deep river.
to march
марширувати; Soldiers ____ on the parade.
to crawl
повзти; Don't step on the child _____ all around the kitchen.
to tiptoe
іти навшпиньки; He was afraid of waking his parents up, so he decided to _____.
to slide
ковзати; Don't ____, you will fall down.
to wander
бродити; He _____ aimlessly through the narrow street.
to limp
кульгати; What has happened? Why are you ____?
to creep
крастися; Old age _____ on you before you notice.