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A Life In Six Words (4.2.) - multi-word verbs

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to turn up
прибути, з'явитись; Alas, Mr Right never _____ __.
to give up
перестати, здатись; ____ __ chocolate, took up running.
to take up
взятись за; Gave up chocolate, ____ __ running.
to settle down
осісти; Loved Sonia. _____ ____ with Elena.
to set up
заснувати; ___ __ company. Money ran out.
to run out of
закінчуватись; We've ___ ___ __ money.
to grow up
вирости; We were born in London and ____ __ in Leicester.
to bring up
виховувати; He was ____ __ alongside two brothers.
to go on
продовжувати; He ____ __ to sudy geolory and zoology.
to be taken on
отримати позицію; Several years later he ___ _____ __ by a publishing company.
to take to
вподобати; He didn't ____ __ his work, so recently resigned.
to put somebody off
відштовхувати; The appearence of the TV presented ___ the viewers ___.
to step down from
звільнитись, піти з позиції; He became Director of Programmes at the BBC but _____ ____ ____ this position.
to turn down
відхилити; Also he ____ ____ the job of Director General.
to get over
оклигати; It was hard for him to ___ ____ jet lag.
to go by
минати; As the years ___ __, he remains one of the most recognisable faces on TV screens.