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to frown upon
несхвалювати; Weapons are widely _____ ____ in our survey.
to have devastating effect on
мати руйнівний вплив на; Car accidents are rare but can ____ ______ ____.
courtesy of
люб'язність (когось); Nuclear plants are supported by large subsidies ______ __ the taxpayers.
to boom
процвітати; The motor industry is now ______.
to take over from
замінити; A green fuel is unlikely to ____ ____ ____ petrol soon.
to make one's debut
зробити дебют; Pizza ____ its _____ in Italy.
лімітовані; Our days of carefree consumptions of fatty food are _____.
to wake up to
ставати свідомим чогось; We gradually ____ __ __ the health risk.
позов; Obese teenagers decided to file the ____.