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to transform
трансформувати; The Internet has _____ the way people access information.
to alter
видозмінювати; The microscope _____ people's understanding of the make-up of matter.
to damage
шкодити; The overuse of pesticides has _____ the environment.
to have a beneficial effect on
мати благотворний вплив на; The mobile phones ____ _ _____ _____ __ the elderly.
to have a detrimental effect on
мати шкідливий вплив на; The overuse of antibiotics ____ _ ______ _____ __ people's health.
to enhance
збільшувати, підвищувати; Audio email has _____ blind people's ability to communicate via the Internet.
to distort
спотворювати; High speed travel has _____ people's sense of distance.
to revolutionize
різко змінювати; The microwave oven ______ food preparation.