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Consumer Crazy (5.2.)

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реклама; Are there too many TV ______ in programme breaks?
рекламка, що вискакує на сайті; How do you feel about webside ___ - __s? Do they work?
бренд; Which are the most popular sports equipment _____ in your country?
to endorse
схвалювати; Do you think celebrities should _____ a particular product?
кампанія; Can you recall any particularly successful advertising _____?
логотип; What other ____ do you know?
to influence
впливати; What type of advertisement would _____ you to try a new food or drink product?
гасло; "Just do it!" and "The world's local bank" are memorable _____.
cold call
холодний дзвінок; What do you say when someone gives you a ____ _____.
to advertise
рекламувати; If you wanted to sell a product, where would you _____?
автомарка; What are the most popular ___ of car in your country?
джингл; Do you ever find yourself singing a particular _____ for a product or a radio station?