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Consumer Crazy (5.2.) - a product/a meeting

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to advertise
...a product - рекламувати; a billboard _____ beer.
to manufacture
...a product - виробляти; a company that _____ cars.
to launch
...a product - запускати; She was _____ a campaign against ugly architecture.
to demonstrate
...a product - демонструвати; It's the first time the product has been _____.
to promote
...a product -просувати; Some regulation is still required to _____ competition.
to arrange
...a meeting - організовувати; They hoped to _____ a meeting.
to open
...a meeting - відкривати; The first speaker _____ the meeting.
to close
...a meeting - закривати; The members were thanked for attending, and the meeting was _____.
to postpone
...a meeting - відкладати; The visit had to be ______ for some time.
to cancel
...a meeting - відмінити; He was forced to _____ his visit.