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Consumer Crazy (5.2) - a price/a business/a market

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to raise
... a price - підвищувати; The bank _____ interest rates.
to lower
... a price - знижувати; They _____ the price on onions.
to set
... a price - встановити; Do not forget to ___ your alarm clock.
to increase
... a price - зростати; Car use is ______ at an alarming rate.
to reduce
... a price - зменшувати; ...the need for business to ____ costs.
to set up
... a business - засновувати; The ___ __ their own business.
to run
... a business - керувати; Soon she realised that it is really hard to ___ a company.
to take over
... a business - переймати; When his uncle died, Tom ____ his business ____.
to manage
... a business - справлятись з; Their elder son _____ the farm.
to expand
... a business - розширювати; Their business _____ into other hotels and properties.
to break into
... a market - вриватись; At this point, it's hard to ____ ____ market.
to enter
... a market - вийти на ринок; The product failed to ____ the market.
to leave
... a market - покинути; After the default, they ____ the market.
to re-enter
... a market - повторно вийти на ринок; I think there is no point ______ the market.
to see a gap in
... a market - бачити прогалину у; I can ___ a ___ in the market we can fill.