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The Time of my Life (6.1.)

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for one's age
на свій вік; If someone looks young ___ his or her ___, is that good or bad?
in one's prime
у розквіті сил; When is someone __ his or her _____?
Act your age!
Поводься відповідно до свого віку!; If you tell a twenty-five-year-old man, "___ ____ ___!" what kind of things might he be doing?
to come of age
досягати повноліття; At what age do peoploe generally ____ __ ___ in your country?
незрілий; Do you think most eighteen-year-olds are too _____ for university?
зрілість; At what age do you think a person has a _____ to make a decision about marriage or a career?
похилого віку; At what age is a person _____?
age discrimination
вікова дискримінація; Does ___ _____ affect people looking for jobs in your country?