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The Time of my Life (6.1.) - text

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to hang out
тусуватись; The best thing is that I can _____ ___ with my friends.
to appreciate
цінувати; By 65, the best thing is you ______ your friends and family.
to take for granted
сприймати як належне; You learn not to _____ anything ___ ______.
to admit
визнавати; I must _____ that I was wrong.
вдавання; I pretend I have a good job, that I'm happy, but it's just a ______.
to outdo
перевершити; All my friends are trying to _____ each other.
to reckon
вважати; I ______ that there is plenty of time ahead of me.
невпевнений; When I look back at the past, at how _____ I felt fifteen years ago.
to outgrow
переростати; I've ______ the need to seek other people's approval.
задоволений; Now, I feel pretty _____.