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to have ups and downs
мати злети і падіння; You will always ____ ___ ___ _____.
to go nowhere
нікуди не рухатись; You're stuck and __ ______.
to take one step forward, and two steps back
робити крок вперед, і два назад; I hate it when I ____ ___ ____ _____, ___ ___ _____ ____.
to look forward to
чекати з нетерпінням; I'm _____ _____ __ my next vacation.
to have mixed feelings
мати змішані почуття; I don't know how I feel. I've got _____ _____.
the last thing one feels like doing
останнє, що мені зараз хочеться робити...; Laundry is ___ ____ ____ I ____ ____ _____.
to look on the bright side
бачити позитив; He _____ __ ___ _____ ____, and thinks it's going to be a fantastic trip.
to dread
боятися; You're _____ to talk to your boyfriend, because you think he wants to break off your relations.
to be upbeat
бути оптимістичним; I was quite _____ about this idea.
цинічний; Ann feels _____ about things getting any better.
похмурий; She is always _____ about the prospect.
to fill with optimism
наповнювати оптимізмом; My future plans _____ me ____ _____.
багатообіцяючий; I think he is a ______ writer.
to fill with despair
наповнювати відчаєм; Understanding of my situation ____ me ____ _____.