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to do a part-time job
працювати неповний робочий день; I am lucky to __ _ ____ - ____ ___. I have a lot of free time.
to own a mobile phone
мати мобільний телефон; Nowadays, it;s hard to find someone who doesn't ____ _ _____ ____.
to wear make-up
носити макіяж; She has a natural beauty. That's why she hardly ever ____ ____ - __.
to stay home alone
бути вдома самому; When Tom was a child, he used to ____ ____ ____ quite often.
to get ears pierced
проколоти вуха; Most girl ___ their _____ ______ when they go to school.
to use social networks
використовувати соціальні мережі; Teenagers is a segment that ____ ______ ______ most.
to have a credit card
мати кредитку; Life is much easier when you ____ _ _____ _____.
to ride a scooter
водити скутер; I've always wanted to learn how to ____ _ _____.
to babysit for a toddler
нянчитись з малюком; To earn some extra money, she decided to _____ ___ _ _____.
to travel solo
подорожувати самому; There are certain benefits of _____ ____.