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wildlife programme
програма про дику природу; My daugher adores animals, she is wathching _____ ______ all the time.
reality show
реаліті-шоу; Dom 2 is probably the most drawn-out _____ _____.
costume drama
костюмована драма; She has starred in a number of movies, includign _____ _____, comedies and thrillers.
soap opera
мильна опера; If there is a man in _____ _____ he is, by all means, heart-broken.
sketch show
скетч шоу; Pinter's _____ _____ is hard to call marginal.
сітком; Certainly when Carla started out writing in the Sixties, there were very few women writing comedy or ______ led by women.
документальний фільм;Документальний фільм; In the last month he has been the subject of two television ______.
фільм на реальних подіях; When real-life disaster hit, American movies tend to leave hard work of analysis and healing to television ______.
серії; BBC ____ are not only entertaining but also educational.
серіал; Frinds is one of my favorite _____.
триллер; Baby Driver is also, of course, an action _____.
detective series
детективний серіал; Sherlock is the best _____ ______ ever.
game show
ігрове шоу; Japanese are particularly ingenious when it's about ____ _____.
вікторина; In addition to the daily quizzes, student learning was evaluated by three in-class examinations.
current affairs programme
обговорення новин; Actually, _____ _____ ______ are more popular than the news itself.
the news
новини; ___ _____ is the programme I never miss.