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Best of the Beeb (7.1.) - What's on the Beeb?

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to be aired
бути в ефірі; EastEnders was first _____ in February 1985.
скандал; There are plenty of typical storylines: family life, ___, romance and business troubles.
одноразовий; Top Gear is also famous for ___-___ exploits such as when the four men raced across London.
гламурний; This reality show has it all: show-stopping dances, celebrities, _____ dresses...
відомий; Sixteen famous contestants with little or no experience of dancing pair up with internationally ______ professional dancers.
поглиблений; Newsnight is a current affairrs programme famous for its __-___ reporting, - hard-hitting interviews and intelligent analysis.
to come under fire
бути розкритикованим; The main presented ____ _____ ____ for being aggressive with interviewees.
cross-generational appeal
популярність у різних вікових групах; Doctor Who has ____-_____ _____ and millions of fans world wide.