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Best of the Beeb (7.1.) - multi-word verbs

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to turn out
1. виявитись It ___ ___ the captain is one of them - one of the aliens! 2. повернутись; Hundreds of people ____ ___ to hear his speech.
to break down
1. провалитись The latest news from the summit meeting is that negotiations have ____ ____. 2. зламатись; My car's in the shop, it ____ ____ on the way to work today.
to come across
1. натрапити на; I ____ _____ this old mate of mine, Brenda, in the market. 2. здаватись; She ____ _____ as a confident person but, in fact, she's not.
to bring out
1. випустити; The company has just _____ ___ a new electric version of their popular 408 range. 2. пробуджувати; You seem so happy. This new job ____ __ the best in you.
to take back
1.нагадувати; That dress! It _____ me _____ to my teenage days and memories of dances! 2. забрати назад; I ____ ____ everything I said about you.
to put up with
1. миритись з чимось; I don't know how she ___ ___ ____ him for so long - he was always coming home drunk... 2. дати притулок; Could you ___ me __ for a night?
to break into
1. ввірватись; This model has several appealing features, and should help the company ____ ____ the fast-growing market. 2. вламатись; Someone ____ ____ my flat and stole my passport.
to pull out of
1. завершувати, виходити з; Both the Chinese and Americans are _____ ___ __ the talks and sending the representatives home. 2. вирушати; I missed the train, it was _____ ___ when I got to the station.