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Best of the Beeb (7.1) - multi-word verbs p. 154

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to take on
1. найняти, прийняти на роботу; The company ____ __ ten school-leavers last year. 2. змагатись з кимось, нападати; After Brazil won semi-finals, they ____ __ the favourites, Spain.
to turn down
1. відхилити; Why did they ____ Neil _____ for the job? 2.скрутити, знизити рівень; Could you ____ the cooker ____ - the sauce in the pan is going to burn.
to go by
1. минати; Time can __ __ slowly. 2. судити з; If we __ ___ from her work so far, I don't think she has the skills for the new position.
to put off
1. відштовхувати; Stop talking about your illness! You're _____ me ___ my food! 2. відкладати у часі; Anna keeps _____ ___ the meeting.
to bring up
1. виховувати; Did your parents ____ you __ as a Buddhist? 2. піднімати тему; Just don't _____ __ anything about her divorce.