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It's a tough call (8.1.) - collocations

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to make a decision
прийняти рішення; It's not the best time to ____ a ____.
to arrive at decision
прийти до вирішення; After 2-hour dicussion, we've managed to _____ __ _____.
to come to decision
(come) прийти до вирішення; I have analyzed all the information and ____ __ ____.
to put off decision
(phrasal) відкласти рішення; I;d recommend you ___ ___ _____ for now.
to postpone decision
відкласти рішення; Stop _____ _____. Face the reality.
to follow one's principles
слідувати своїм принципам; Whatever happens, you have to _____ your _____.
to stick to one's principles
дотримуватися своїх принципів; He is known as a person who always ____ __ his _____.
to go against one's principles
йти проти своїх принципів; She had no choice but to __ ____ her _____.
to betray one's principles
зрадити свої принципи; I will never understand why you _____ your _____.
to compare the pros and cons
порівняти плюси і мінуси; I think it's a good idea to _____ the _____ and _____.
to analyse the pros and cons
проаналізувати плюси і мінуси; The task of our sales department is to ______ the _____ and ____.
to weigh up the pros and cons
зважити всі за і проти; Before taking a decision, I should ____ __ the ____ and ____.
to examine the pros and cons
вивчити плюси і мінуси; After I have _____ the ____ and ____, I have decided to turn your request down.
to analyse a situation
проаналізувати ситуацію; This _____ should be ____.
to weigh up a situation
зважити ситуацію; We have a lot of time to ____ __ a _____.
to examine a situation
вивчити ситуацію; I recommend we _____ a _____.
to assess a situation
оцінити ситуацію; Have you _____ a ____ in full?