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пильний; You're clearly a lark, a person who is most efficient and _____ in the morning.
on the ball
швидкий до розуміння; You're a real night owl and you're not really __ ___ _____ until it starts to get dark.
at one's sharpest
на піку ефективності; What time of day are you __ your _____?
wide awake
бадьорий; You love it and you're ____ _____ straightaway!
захмелений, в'ялий; You get out if bed feeling _____.
at one's lowest ebb
в момент максимальної непрацездатності; When do you feel __ your _____ ___?
to have a sense of dread
мати почуття страху; How often do you ____ _ _____ of ____.
bright and breezy
свіжий і сповнений сил; You get out of bed feeling _____ ___ _____.
to have a spring in one's step
бути повним енергії та очікування чогось крутого; When going to the party, I ____ a _____ in my _____.
to despise with passion
зневажати/ненавидіти усією душею; You _____ it ____ _____ - you usually turn over and go back to sleep.
to be not that fussed
не перейматись цим; You are ___ that _____.
to cringe
з'їжуватись; Every time he hears this noise he _____.