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Body Clock (8.2.) - idioms

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for the time being
в даний час; You can stay here ___ ___ ____ _____.
to kill time
вбивати час; Let's watch the 8th episode; anyway, we've got some ____ to ____.
to be pressed for time
мати обмаль часу; We had to hurry; we were _____ for ____.
to cut it short
скоротити; The story was too long. It was wise to ___ it ____.
to bide one's time
вичікувати; He's _____ his ____.
in the nick of time
як раз вчасно; She arrived __ the ____ of ____.
once in a blue moon
дуже рідко; It happens ____ __ a ____ ____.
time after time
раз за разом; I've tried ____ _____ ____, but all in vain.
to make up for the lost time
компенсувати втрачений час; We had to ____ __ ___ the ____ ____.
to drag one's feet
затягувати; They're _____ their ____.