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Body Clock (8.2) - idioms (p. 155)

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to lose one's head
втратити голову; The boss completely _____ his ____ and started shouting at the client.
to catch somebody's eye
привернути увагу; Could you _____ the waiter's ___? I'd like to ask for the bill.
to get one's foot in the door
розпочати, зачепитись; The job hunting isn't going well, but if I can ___ my ____ __ the ____ things will be fine.
to cost an arm and a leg
коштувати дуже дорого; I can't afford this mobile - it _____ an ___ ___ a ___.
a pain in the neck
дошкульне заняття/людина; I don't really mind paying tazes, but filling out these forms is __ ____ __ the ____.
to have got a big mouth
бути базікою; He ___ ___ a ___ _____ - he told everyone in the office about my problems at home.
to see eye to eye
дивитись в одному напрямку; Sorry, we just don't ___ ___ __ ___ ON this, and I don't think we'll ever agree.
to turn a blind eye to
закривати очі на; The techer _____ a ____ ___ __ cheating in the exam, so almost all the students did it.