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Witness (9.1) - Memories on trial

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on trial
на суді; memories __ _____
судово-медична експертиза; Even in these days of DNA tests and other _____, witness testimony still plays an important part.
свідчення; Even in these days of DNA tests and other forensic techniques, witness _____ still plays an important part.
спогад, зосередженість; Most of us have some ______ of the 2005 terrorist attacks in London.
to rip off
здирати; The bus's roof was _____ ___.
given the number
враховуючи кількість; That's not surprising _____ ___ _____ of photographs.
to carry out
виконувати; The study was _____ ___ by Dr James Ost.
to claim
заявити; People _____ to have seen this nonexistent footage.
in vivid detail
в яскравих деталях; The desribe what happened __ _____ _____.
випадковий; After all, it's got us through the _____ exam.
ненадійний; In many cases, an _______ memory is not a problem.
to alter
видозмінювати; Even one video can _____ our memory.
наслідки; Sometimes the contents of our memory can have huge _____.
behind the bars
за гратами; Fasle evidence can put innocent people ______ ___ _____.
підозрюваний; In ID parades, 40% of witnesses identified the police's _____.
кримінальний злочин; _____ is a serious crime.
життєво важливий; Witness memories is still a _____ part of court proceedings.
to take place
відбуватись; Attack ____ _____ in Washington DC.
to flee
втікати; A robber on truck _____ the crime scene.
справа; The a ____ goes to court.