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Witness (9.1) - Crime

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кишенькова крадіжка; Tourists should be particularly careful on public transport, where _____ is a major problem.
викрадення людей; There have been a number of cases of _____, mostly of foreign journalists.
злом; He was jailed for five years for ____ into government computer system.
переслідування; A man has been found guilty of _____ film star Yma Turman for the last two years.
tax evasion
ухилення від сплати податків; Carl was concealing half of his income and was found guilty of ___ _____.
вандалізм; The statue was damaged in an act of ______.
identity theft
крадіжки особистих даних; Bank revealed that cases of _____ _____ have doubled.
підробка; Police arrested three people for _____ American dollars.
грабіж з насильством; The increase in CCTV cameras has cut cases of late night _____ in town centres.
підпал; A teenageg has been accused of _____ after he set fire to an empty factory.
крамничні крадіжки; There has been a reduction in cases of _____.
хабарництво; _____ is an ongoing problem, with high-level officials accepting money from companies ehich want to do business in the country.