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Witness (9.1) - Accidents (p.156)

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to skid
ковзати, заносити; The car ______ on the ice.
to swerve
відхилятись, ухилятись; She _____ to avoid hitting the dog.
to overtake
обганяти; She increased her speed and _____ the car in front.
to exceed the speed limit
перевищувати швидкість; He ______ the ______ _____ - the police said he was going at 100 kph.
to scratch
дряпати; She _____ the side of her car by parking to near a wall.
to collide with
зіткнутись з; He was dribing too fast in a narrow street and ______ ____ another car.
to pull out
виїжджати; A car suddenly ______ ____ in front of him and he almost went into the back of it.
to drive in the wrong lane
їхати по зустічній смузі; She _____ in the _____ _____ along the motorway.