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Witness (9.1) - To commit a crime

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to commit arson
скоїти підпал; Our party does not consist only of those who _____ murder and _____.
to kidnap
викрасти; The wife of a businessman was _____ from her home in London last night.
to bribe
підкуповувати; He _____ immigration officials and entered the country illegally.
to steal somebody's identity
вкрасти чиюсь особистість; She left her documents on the bus. As a result, somebody ____ her _____.
to stalk
підкрадатися; The police had been _____ the woman for a week before they arrested her.
to evade tax
ухилятися від податку; You will be punished if you _____ ____.
to vandalise
руйнувати чиєсь майно; When I got back, my car had been _____.
to mug
нападати з метою грабунку; He was _____ in broad daylight.
to counterfeit
підробити; Two women and a man have been convicted of Two women and a man have been convicted of _____ $100 bills.
to shoplift
красти товари; He was charged with _______.
to hack into
зламати ; A programmer had managed to ____ ____ some top-secret government data.
to pickpocket
залізти комусь у кишеню; Someone _____ my wallet.