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to take care of
доглядати, дбати; Do you ____ _____ __ your plants?
to pay attention to
звернути увагу на; Don't ___ _____ __ what people say.
to compliment somebody on
зробити комплімент комусь щодо...; How often do people ______ you __ your haircut?
to get on with something
взятись за щось; If you have an important task, it's better to ___ ___ ____ it.
to give in
поступитись; Sometimes, it's better to ____ __.
to put something off
відкладати; Do you often ___ ___ doing important tasks?
to neglect
нехтувати; As a good parent, you shouldn't _____ your kids.
to be stubborn
бути впертим; When having an argument, are you the one who is _____ or do you usually give in?
to ignore
ігнорувати; If you don't like her, _____ her.
to criticise somebody for
критикувати когось за; It's not fair to _____ people ___ their looks.