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100 Indonesian Verbs - Pt. 3

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halangi, menghalangi
to block, to hinder
pasang, memasang
to put on, to install
olah, mengolah
to prepare, to process
nganga, menganga
to gape, to yawn
larang, melarang
to forbid, to ban
ejek, mengejek
to mock
gusur, menggusur
to drag along, to pull
intip, mengintip
to peek
minta, meminta
to ask for, to request
nanti, menanti
to wait for
rasa, merasa
to feel
suruh, menyuruh
to order, to command
tolak, menolak
to reject, to deny
ukur, mengukur
to measure
rapat, merapat
to get close to
colok, mencolok
to immerse, to dye; eye-catching, striking; offensive, annoying
genggam, menggenggam
to grasp, to seize
hela, menghela
to drag, to pull
jurus, menjurus
to lead, to head (towards)
pikir, memikir
to think
satu, menyatukan
to converge, to become one
bagi, membagi
to divide
fitnah, memfitnah
to slander
veto, memveto
to veto
pandang, memandang
to look at, to consider